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Reward & Coupon

1. 구매 적립금
Upon completion of receiving the product, the membership tier shall be set accordingly.
2. 가입 쿠폰
배럴 공식 홈페이지 최초 가입 시 5,000원, 10,000원 할인 쿠폰 지급
3. 쿠폰 사용
Can be duplicated with rewards
Coupon(s) cannot be recovered when product is returned.
Available only for BARREL manufactured products.
Outlet products and discount products are not eligible for the coupon (Rewards are available)


Non-adopted reserves will be converted to available reserves the next day from the time the shipment is completed.
- You can use the rewards for purchases over $30. The used rewards are subject to automatically restored for cancellations and returns
- 적립금은 지급받은 날짜로부터 1년 뒤에 소멸되며 별도로 소멸 안내를 드리지 않습니다.
  (적립금 발행기간 확인을 하시려면 마이페이지 > 나의 혜택 관리 > 적립금 관리에서 확인 가능하십니다.)
- The rewards will automatically expire upon membership withdrawal.